Stepping Out with Brittney Q. Hill

We caught up with the Brittney to talk self style and the pros and cons of maintaining the tough demands of Hollywood.

Many people would want to be a model. But for Los Angeles born/Tuscon bred Brittney Qúianna Hill, that wasn’t just enough. After a relocation from Charlotte, NC back to the City of Angels in 2012, the former high school basketball and track star returns to familiar territory now armed with a degree from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Mass Media Communications and Film.

We caught up with the Brittney — who is filming (as of April 2013) the indie film “Skin” — to talk self style and the pros and cons of maintaining the tough demands of Hollywood.

The Lifestyle Republic: You moved to Los Angeles to take advantage of the resources towards your acting career. How did you come to that big decision and was there any fear with such a move?
Brittney: When I was approaching my final year in college, I knew I had to have a game plan, and I knew that if I really wanted to have a successful career in Entertainment, I HAD to move to a bigger market, no question about it. So what better place than Hollywood! I originally was supposed to make the big move when I graduated, but doubt struck me as I didn’t have any money saved up. So I made a goal to give myself one year to save up to move, and EXACTLY one year later, I kept my word to myself and made the move. Of course I was scared; I was leaving my comfort zone… My family, friends, and a great job, to go chase the unknown. It was the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken.

Body image plays a big role in the TV world of acting. How have you dealt with that and other weight issues on a personal level?
Living in LA has made me realize that your appearance is EVERYTHING! When it comes to acting and being on screen, talent serves a very small percentage of the total package. Fortunately, I haven’t had a lot of issues in regards to my weight; I’ve always been naturally thin. However, being thin still isn’t good enough. You have to be thin, toned, and have extreme sex appeal in entertainment. There have been times that I was told that I was too skinny. So to keep up with my competition, I had to change my eating habits, work out at least three times a week, and make sure my hair and makeup is on point no matter where I go.

What inspires Ms. Brittney Q. Hill the businesswoman and who inspires Brittney Q. Hill the person?
What inspires Brittney Q. Hill the business woman is the understanding that it’s not all about me. Nothing is better than being able to fulfill my dreams and purpose while inspiring others. I don’t believe acting or modeling is my purpose, it’s just my platform. But I do believe I’ve been placed in a position to be a POSITIVE role model in an industry that is thought of as everything but “Good.” I want people to see me and know that you can still be successful without having to compromise who you are spiritually, mentally, physically, etc. As for what inspires Brittney Q. Hill the person, my family. Everything I do is for them.

What is your secret to maintaining good skin?
It’s definitely been trial and error for me. Maintaining good skin has always been a challenge for me. I have really oily skin, so blemishes come all the time. What’s worked best for me is making sure to remove all make up at the end of the day no matter how tired I am, and then using an exfoliating facial cleanser with a Clarisonic brush. It gets all the residue out of my pores and removes all dead skin. At night I make sure to apply a Retin-A serum which tightens and brightens the skin; and during the day I use an oil free moisturizer with a low SPF for protection against the sun.

Do you feel like what you eat affects your skin at all?
Absolutely! For me, sugary foods make me break out, as well as too much caffeine. I try to avoid sweets unless it’s for a special occasion, and I drink as much water as possible.

What is the one product that you can’t live without?
Moisturizer. Keeping the skin moisturized and replenished is the key to looking youthful. I think your skin takes the most stress because it’s constantly exposed, and it’s the first thing people notice about you, it’s your outer layer. It’s important to keep it hydrated and beautiful.

What are some of the little things women (and some men) forget about doing before stepping out to a party or event?
I think the difference is always in the details! For both men and women, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of networking, make sure you carry some discreet breath mints and lipstick (or chapstick for gentlemen) to stay fresh. And a nice perfume or cologne doesn’t hurt. Also remember, you are constantly branding yourself, so never ever leave the house without your business cards!

Where is one destination you still need a stamp for on your passport?
Rio de Janeiro!! I actually plan on attending the next 2016 Olympic Games there. Can’t wait!

What are your summer must haves?
Bright neon color nail polish, plenty of ripped bleached shorts and a variety of wedged heels! I’m by the beach so I’ll be showing plenty of leg this summer!

What are 3 things you absolutely HAVE to HAVE to walk out the door with for an event outing:
Definitely my iPhone, MAC lipstick and business cards! 🙂

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