We at The Fame Life are honored to rock the Red Pump to recognize National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD). HIV/AIDS is fair game to anyone from all walks of life, and the more people who help spread awareness, the more health, and heart, the volunteers can continue to deliver.

I’ve often found it useful, especially during stretches of professional or personal frustration, to think of my life as a long strand of pearls. Each precious little orb is connected to the next one, and to the next. Let’s say each pearl represents a desire, or a goal to meet. The only way to keep your life moving forward is to seize life by the pearls.

How can this strand-of-pearls metaphor work for you? Envision something you really want to be or do, and make that the last pearl at the end of a strand. And the great thing is, you can wear lots of different strands of pearls.

We are all subject to the same risks despite the differences in us.