After losing the spotlight with a failed partnership with underground rapper Joe Budden, Tahiry Jose finally completed the urban american dream in appearing as a cast member on a reality series (VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop”). So, Tahiry’s a reality TV star. O-okay.

The question now becomes what will this accomplish. She is entangled in a feud/love triangle with Budden and his latest trophy piece, keeping her eye away from the bartending scene, which I believe is personally a good thing. But the reality TV attention can only last for so long, so what then?

For me, I’m still seeing the same cookie cutter reality cast member that is on any other series. I still see her as being made to be better than the rest of the divas on the reality series who only loses when it’s time to show their backsides in a butt shaking contest. Technically the only ones to outright beat her cleanly are….am I really writing this?

My biggest complaint of Tahiry comes in the personality and chairsma department, which she has never been to in the Reality Star Superstore. Although it’s early, she seems to be having the same problems whether as a publication model or TV stallworth and that’s with making people care enough whether to like her or hate her beyond being another face who’s best asset is her backside.

It will also be interesting to see what this does to other urban models moving forward. The scene is now seriously weak with Tahiry and Mizz DR being the only faces. Whether she admits it or not, a hibernation is inevitable, sooner rather than later. With Tahiry’s sudden reality fame, she could become the oldest and longest tenured urban model and true savior, getting a final run, ala legendary urban vixen Esther Baxter.

Whatever happens, it should be interesting. I’ll say this though, reality TV star Tahiry Jose is much more interesting than urban model vixen in at least one sense: I can outright laugh at her now with no problems.