a few things learned on the business end of the camera.

Whether posing for a photo or flirting across a bar, you can create magnetism by tweaking your physical expressions. But don’t overdo it – something forced looks more obvious than something done naturally. Sometimes what you may think is a sexy pose is really the same pose you would laugh at when viewed on another individual on a social networking website. The truth is, the normal look you may give during your daily routine may infact be your sexy face.

These are a few things learned on the business end of the camera:

Smiling “inside” creates intrigue. Usually you show your teeth when you smile. But if you keep your lips closed, let the corners of your mouth turn up a bit (think of something Naomi Campbell would do in a model pose), and imagine your eyes glistening, you give off a mischievous, alluring vibe.

Turning your shoulder slightly, rather than squarely facing someone, can be flirtatious-not to mention physically flattering.

Arch your spine and keep your shoulders back and your head up to look confident (this can even make your boobs look bigger). Go too far, though, and you’ll seem haughty and intimidating.

Sleepy “bedroom” eyes-relaxed lids and a softened stare-are sexy. Even more so if you’re peeking out from behind deliberately touseled hair

Keeping your mouth closed (you’re breathing through your nose, obviously) helps you look relaxed and poised.

A slightly open mouth can be inviting, sexy solicitation-but make like you’re going to eat a blueberry, not a cherry.

Though laughing can create warmth, guffawing can make you look like an airhead-or a jerk.

Eye contact is not just everything, and adding a deadly normal ‘sexy’ look along with that can prove a deadly combination.