So not to put my business out there, but I’m sitting here after a nap, which should help to invigorate me and i’m sluggish, eyes feel heavy and I am totally unmotivated so I get to googling and what do I find benefits and aides in a better sleep, yep Sex.

Sex has benefits that Kaiser says go well beyond the bedroom.

So other than sleep, because I love my sleep. It has great weight loss benefits, by burning calories. It relieves stress, boost your immunity. Help reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men, so fellas there is another reason to have plenty of sex, (but be mindful of feelings and safety, wrap it up). It reduces pain, though I heard it can sometimes be painful (*shrug*). Improves cardiovascular health, gets that blood a flowing. For women it can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which is great especially during pregnancy, and orgasm during pregnancy is beneficial. sex can also improve your self-esteem and build upon your intimacy, but sex and intimacy should never be confused they are two different things.

So to your health, to your sex… keep it great and safe

There are studies that say even sex is necessary to improve an over all healthy span of life, so keep it safe, and to your morals and beliefs and live well!!!