Many relationship experts swear by the, “date as many as you can,” concept, hell I believe it to be the truth to some degree; however what exactly does that entail?

Well let me break it down, here are five guidelines to follow when it comes to the concept of dating around:

1. Keep sex out of it!
Dating around does not involve having sex with multiple partners, that is considered being promiscuous. Even more so, it creates scenarios where memory has to be on point, and if not, you could be making reservations for +3 in Connecticut for Maury’s TV show.

2. Be very clear about your intentions with the men you choose to go on dates with.
Let them know that you are just dating casually with the intention of becoming serious with one down the line. To the right man, this will trigger “step up your game mode”. This isn’t 1985 when men weren’t as savvy to the dating game when it came to dealing with women who wanted no strings attached – the signs are very noticeable.

3. Spread your time and dates out as evenly as possible.
Avoid seeing the same date twice in the week, until you are certain that this person is worth taking to the next level. It also changes the way you speak to the other men who you are dating, who will surely notice the difference in approach.

4. Avoid daily texting and sexting.
The other naughty fun stuff can wait until you are ready to narrow down your choices. Men lie, women lie, saved text messages don’t.

5. Have a positive outlook!
Dating without the pressures of commitment and sex is supposed to be care-free and exciting. If you are going to want your cake and eat it too, why not opt for the premium flavor?

Dating is often times viewed as a rat race, filled with endless pursuits and follies, however the more clear we are with our intentions, the easier it becomes. This means sticking to your end goal, whether that is to meet new people, find a companion and being honest with yourself. The journey only becomes a rat race when we get our wires crossed, the woman who dates men who are already in relationships (ring or not) is not trying to find “the one”, she’s simply not ready to.