Socialites sound off on Johnson marriage as if it's part of 1% world.

Hey, fight that laughter. I’m serious. Well, you know, mostly serious.

So how could the woman who misguided the new generation of independent working minority woman into believing that obtaining a degree was worthless, who shamed the black community by not bothering to serve as role models, who has become a local and national laughingstock and whose peers ridicule her to oblivion act as a beacon to her fellow socialite ‘friends’?

Because she’s about to make them all richer. OK, make that, even richer.

Not only is Evelyn Lozada about to break a record for a groupie-turned-raplete WAG (Wives and Girlfriends) divorce ‘parting gift’, she’s going to shatter it. And it appears she has ballooned the asking price for a raplete WAG beyond what most media outlets estimated their value to be less than a year ago.

Raplete WAG’s have pretty much set the standard for the come-up of getting money quick from sports figures (sorry rappers, earning $0.08 per radio spin just won’t cut it in 2012), and it is usually very accurate. But rapelete WAG’s, like most everyone else, apparently misjudged the escalating effect of the angry effect when said athlete doesn’t exactly get their way.

No matter, most socialites believe Lozada will get at least 2/3 of Chad Johnson’s earnings & overall value, maybe more. All indications from the veiled process indicate she’s going to get it.

If Lozada gets twice what Johnson was estimated to be worth, big market socialites will sit back and lap up a trickle-down effect. It’s the rising-tide effect. And the irony is too great. The one athlete socialites and groupies most despised and wanted gone is about to make them all wealthier on his way out of the spotlight.

It has nightlife regulars at establishments like Greenhouse in NYC wondering if Lozada’s pending parting gift might inspire other WAG’s to marry quick, particularly those in major cities. The troubled Larry Johnson (no relation to Chad) seems like ancient history in this new era of ‘why-get-the-degree-when-you-can-get-the-athlete’ woman. They’re hardly all from the small city, which is going to leave at least some of the veteran socialites still waiting for their chance who desire an athlete come-up without one.

Other socialites are surely taking notice. Just don’t expect a note of gratitude to be headed Lozada’s way.