The video vixen turned casting executive dishes on the keys to looking/feeling right stepping out to an event or party.

Legendary video vixen/model, casting director, television producer, singer — Liza Irizarry has crammed a lot of living into her very young years. Her newest ventures — including more work in Television and possibly a style analyst (she doesn’t know that yet, but could make a seamless transition into it) — prove that there’s little she won’t try, regardless of how the circumstances are at the time. And it’s that unsinkable drive that we probably love most about her — that and her straight shooting approach to the business, as one of the very few notable talents from the model class of the mid-2000’s that is operating as a brand and not in the same position they entered the business as.

We caught up with The Bronx, NY native — who steps out for outings and events dressed down head to toe — to get some style tips for going to events and find out if there are differences between dressing for events versus photo shoots.

The Lifestyle Republic: What are some of the little forgotten things women (and some men) forget about doing before stepping out to a party or event?
Liza: I would have to say nice matching jewelry. I see it to many times, girls are out wearing a nice outfit and ugly accessories. For men I would have to say a nice watch and sometimes even deodorant lol.

Do you feel that a bad sense of style is sometimes brought on by a lack of truthful friends or women failing to embrace reality vs belief?
Both! But I do believe that some people are born with a sense of style and other’s aren’t.

Is there any truth to that anyone who goes over-board on makeup can age herself greatly?
Yes and no. You just have to know how to apply it. If you don’t then you can make yourself look like a hot mess not to mention old as hell.

Are horizontal prints easy to pull off?
LOL depends on the person. Most women are scared because it can make you look wide aka fat.

Do you think women easily adjust to insecurities during different stages of their lives?
No. We are women lol, we never get over anything unless we fix it.

In this new era of men who have put a new (lack of) take on chivalry, what can women do to keep things upbeat in their social lives?
I have no clue lol I haven’t been part of the dating scene for a longggggg time.

Does the time the party is held play a part in your fashion decision?
Yes, very much so. You don’t want to go to a summer day event with a night time outfit. Not cute.

How do you approach preparing for things like photo shoots & auditions versus stepping out for an event?
It’s pretty much the same for me. I always try to look my best and try to prepare days in advance.

What are 3 things you absolutely HAVE to walk out the door with for an event outing:
Perfume, purse and camera

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