An open letter to address the musical chairs that is "America's Next Top Model"

Dear powers that be who work for The CW Television Network,

My name is Valencia Garcia and I am a devout fan of your product.

I watch your programs every week and get the privilege of being entertained by all that you have to offer. In that respect, I am forever grateful and encourage you guys to keep up the great work.

Unfortunately, for every “hit” you guys have nailed over the past few months (putting “The Carrie Diaries” into production was a huge plus), there have also been a few “misses,” and continuing to re-invent Tyra Banks’ long-running program is certainly one of them.

Don’t let the fact that I unofficially speak on CHELCA’s behalf regarding everything half-relevant on this website fool you into thinking that the criticisms that I’m about to lay forth are reflective of any biased nature on my part.

I actually like the role that Tyra Banks portrays, and the fact that I detest her persona on-camera gives me all the more reason to tune in every cycle to hopefully see her remind her contestants of how she got to where she is now.

No criticism there as the ultra-uber show we call America’s Next Top Model is a creation for which I value a great deal and it is due to the value which I place upon her services that I come forward to you with some very legitimate concerns.

People often criticize Tyra for her lack of modeling accomplishments career-wise.

Nobody would ever confuse her for the likes of Iman or the woman whom you should pursue replacing her with (Kimora Lee Simmons).

Yet even with as bad as people make Tyra’s abilities out to be, she’s not exactly light years behind Janice Dickinson circa 1985 and nobody seemed to have an issue with that.

Never the less, I would encourage you to put a stronger emphasis upon her progression as an all-around media talent.

As we all know, pure beauty alone is not enough to put the petal to the metal. I suppose there was little issue turning Janice from a former supermodel into the most ‘respected’ modeling coach in recent memory and I applaud Janice’s ability to remain humble enough to change in the effort to better entertain the people (because she’s definitely not fooling the industry).

If a 5’10 plastic surgery posterchild can become a modeling coach for the betterment of your product, than Tyra can learn to hone some of the most basic skills required to become a quality media personality/leader.

The most glaring weakness to me is her complete and utter lack of ability when it comes to speaking.

Every diva is different and I wouldn’t suggest that they should all act the same but when part of your storyline is trying to push the view that Tyra “shot way past Kimora Lee”, it shouldn’t appear blatantly obvious that she would benefit from both media presence training as well as model coaching training from the very woman for whom she is supposed to be superior to.

I know that The CW Network has had some issues with other fashion industry talent these days and I completely understand that. So I know that bringing any of the persona non-Grata back yet again for a program that is not even centered around top-tier modeling talent must have been a move made in desperation.

That necessity, of course, can be no secret by now, Tyra Banks needs major help to even get through a new season without ‘the boys’ of storytelling.

All the credit in the world has to be given to Jay Manuel, who performed brilliantly last season on ANTM.

So I plead to you Les Moonves and The CW Network, let this storyline involving ANTM without it’s original players play itself out next season but after that it has to be time to take the wheels off ANTM and let the show and Tyra Banks sit in park.

The woman has been been working for you guys for the greater part of this decade, and if she hopes to remain one of the top leaders, please push this woman to work a little harder on the basic television essentials.

If the issue is that she has been working as hard as I’m suggesting and what’s we’ve seen on television is the culmination of her best efforts, then it might be time to re-think how you use her within the landscape of the CW Network.


-Valencia (Eve) Garcia