Social Media has killed the art of cuffing season.

As the presence of social media has increased over the past 10 years, so has the level of expectations placed upon cuffing season. Coast-to-coast from October to Memorial Day Weekend, dating has become the standard for how the social elite has occupied their time during the fall and winter seasons.

But there’s a difference between dating and cuffing all out.

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward on a first date, and that’s essentially what first dates are, in a sense: an interview. But unlike the ones who dip in and out of courting, seasonal lovers on dates are putting their ‘talent’ on display with the hope of landing a significant other and the chance to love beyond a New York Minute.

Some dates cater to men so much that the unofficial rules are changed to force men to spend heavily on the first date ($500 is for starters). At one point in time, for instance, men could simply take their date out to Junior’s Cheesecake in Downtown Brooklyn without any negative reaction. These days, a date to the Olive Garden feels like a trip of sorts to a fast food diner.

Being in a relationship that is anything near serious is not cheap. It costs loads of cash for a man to even stay on top of his situation, with a year round commitment needing just as much in preparation as the NFL off-season.

I’m sure this will rub some folks the wrong way, but I can’t say that I really care, as most of those individuals can’t rationalize their perspectives outside of trying to figure out why men should have money when they walk out of the door for any outing with a woman, no matter what the occasion is.

Can the high expectations of cuffing season year-round be remotely possible?