"It comes with the territory"

“It comes with the territory”

We have had our fair share of experiences with professional athletes both football and basketball. To many women, it was the allure of dating “him” the excitement to be able to see your player boyfriend on television. You love him adore the spending opps and there he is. The whole world cheering him on while you watch him make his moves on the screen. So close yet so far away. Is it written in an NFL or NBA contract that just because millions of groupies desire you that you must indulge and sample every last one? It’s almost used as an excuse if some of the most beautiful women in the world want to sleep with you it’s expected they throw caution to the wind and devour.

The true test of character is whether you hold yourself to a high moral standard. Perhaps it’s a self fulfilling prophecy that we believe it’s expected that they cheat, and we accept it so they do it. But those days are losing it’s luster, as more and more athletes with some sort of sense are marrying or simply turning to other celebrities with similar interests (and not to mention similar earnings, thus not having to worry about their non-money earning GF dipping into their jackpot to buy handbags from a designer she cannot pronounce), and it’s leaving the ‘veteran groupies’ in a tailspin, as the prospect of attending sports league drafts in their early-mid 30’s to find a new come-up could be potentially embarrassing.

Here’s what went wrong with the athlete come-up in 2012.