The East Coast of America has been known to be the birth place of many talented musicians. From the gritty streets of New York to sunny Miami the list is impressive. The talent pool may have been lacking as of late but there are those who strive to become impressive. This can be said for the young Chloe Baker from Weehawken, New Jersey.

In her modest home Chloe was surrounded by music on a constant basis. Her father was a big inspiration who not only played in a band but was apart of a musical theatre. He also had an extensive guitar collection that Chloe took advantage of. She learned to play the guitar and the piano and began songwriting. Her love for music was clear as she dove into it with much fervor.

“This love of writing and singing meant making music from as young as I can
remember. Music is my escape and it serves as a form of therapy for me.
I also love that I can connect and reach others through my music. I like to write about things that people can relate to in hope that it will touch them personally. I think since the words come from my heart, they relate to other people naturally.”

Her father realizing this began to coach her and became her biggest supporter. She was raised with the sounds of Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles and Carole King. It is from these such artists that she derives her inspiration. All of these artists created lyrics that tie into the very fabric of society and our psychology of life. Chloe uses the same palate to develop her songs. They have to tell a story that reflects a specific reality.

Chloe takes a lot of pride in her writing. She typically used her lyrics as a diary of dissecting the world around her. A pure example is the single “The Rope” which touches upon the traumatic incident of when her cousin fell victim to suicide. She is not one to hide behind playful lyrics but expose harsh realities of life yet always make note that better days are ahead.

Presently, Chloe is attending High Tech, an arts academy in North Bergen, NJ. In addition, she also plays club soccer yearly. It is amazing how she has become an expert at time management. But as they say when you love what you do it doesn’t matter what time you lay your head to rest.

post_3559-2Chloe would form a band and come up with the title, Bitter’s Kiss. An interesting name. She gave birth to the name after working on her SoundCloud page ( and thought her music evoked good things that co-exist with bad ones. At first she looked it as a project name that soon developed into an artist name. The unique thing is that her family is a big part of Bitter’s Kiss. Her father Michael Baker plays the guitar/piano/bass and drums. He also produced her debut self-titled album, “Bitter’s Kiss” ( that came out last year.

Currently, she has released a new single “No One Will” ( and a video for it. The video was shot in Cork, Ireland which was interesting. The company EPIC Productions which is into film-making worked with Chloe on her single “Love Won’t Make You Cry” which came out great. Chloe in turn contacted them if they would like to shoot a video for her new single. They obliged and she flew to Ireland and made it happen.

“EPIC Productions is a production company in Ireland, not associated with Epic Records. They were great to work with and very talented. I very much enjoyed working with them. Chris Cullen and Justin McCarthy are really world class at what they do.”

Her music and progress have managed to begin to show as her Facebook likes have risen to over 120 thousand and her SoundCloud followers are close to 3000. Chloe maybe young but is on a serious mission to be the next impressive East Coast musician.