After Work (party) Guide: Key Elements

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes the work-related parties. Whether you’ve enjoyed Christmas parties in the past or found them a bit tedious and boring, you’ll need to dress appropriately as you mingle with the boss and socialize with your work colleagues. With that in mind, we provide you with our list of tips on how to dress for your office Christmas party, to ensure that you’ll be looking your best.

Dark denim is essential.
Gone are the days when wearing jeans to the office would warrant a nasty look from your co-workers and a talking-to from your boss. Chances are, your boss is probably rocking denim, too. Even in these modern times, ensure your look is still suitable for the office by making sure your jeans follow these three rules: they’re uniformly dark, they have no rips or holes, and they fit properly — relaxed, fitted jeans are key in the overall look, because it separates a college student feel from an after work party employee feel..

Man-bag? Murse?
Whatever you choose to call it, this recent trend is here to stay and for good reason. In our tech-savvy, urban world, men need somewhere to keep vital items such as tablets, but who wants to see a grown man walking into the office party wearing a backpack? The messenger or canvas bag option is sufficiently masculine enough to not be mistaken for your girlfriend’s pocketbook but roomy enough to stash your tablet, laptop, magazine of choice, sunglasses, extra watches, and whatever else you can’t seem to live without.

Casual boots are made for walking.
Sure, it’s freezing and snowy but winter is no excuse to look sloppy. Look great and stay warm by rocking a pair of casual boots that get the most out your look as a business casual employee walking into a party from work versus walking into a party from a hiking trip. Go for a leather pair sleek enough to wear with twill pants or chinos but with soles just rugged enough to keep you from slipping and sliding your way into the office. Stylish and sleek, shoes like these will carry you from a client meeting or the desk to the after work party with your coworkers with no misstep.

Invest in an overcoat
You’ve picked your outfit – only to ruin your look by putting on a tatty old coat. Does that sound familiar? Your outerwear is the first and last thing people will see you wearing at any after work holiday party. Wearing the perfect overcoat will add the final touches of style to your look.