How the Award Winning Singer/Songwriter balances spirituality with music principles.

Although one of the most gifted and intelligent performers around today, Rudy Currence maintains a humble spirit and realistic approach in the middle of today’s generation of self-absorbed artists – something of a lost art in 2015. Luckily for the South Carolina native, who values the importance of live shows, the stage is more of a sanctuary more than a workplace and it shows with a commanding stage presence, his attention to detail during performances, and the ability to adjust his set to the crowd he’s in front of.

Avenue 1 caught up with Currence after a high energy performance at SOB’s in New York City to discuss his new single, life lessons from spirituality and why independence goes beyond a record label.

Avenue 1: How important is it to maintain an independent circle, and in some cases, business model, in regards to your career and sound?
Rudy Currence: Relationships in the music industry are very important. If you want to be successful you have to build a solid network. Also, every great artist needs a great team and support system. Besides believing in myself, I keep family, friends and supporters around me that believe in me and genuinely support what I’m doing.

How does spirituality play in regards as an influence in your work?
My personal relationship with God means everything to me. My dad is a Pastor. My baby brother, Mykal Star and I grew up playing and singing in his church. Both my mom and dad instilled Christian values in us. Now that I’m a man, I carry those morals with me everywhere I go. That’s why it’s so important for me to always have a positive message in my music. You never know who needs to hear it. I never know who my music might encourage and inspire.

What characterizes your music philosophy?
Music is a universal language. It influences people. Music is like the soundtrack of our lives. I just want my music to reflect real artistry. In urban music I think its important for somebody to keep real musicianship alive. I’m going to show the next generation that you can identify with something higher than the derogatory terms we hear so much in pop culture. We are Kings and Queens. There is royalty in all of us but if nobody ever tells you, how will you know?

As a performer, you have to be prepared for anything. Do you feel at times that you have to adjust your live performances to your audience?
Always but I enjoy it. You do your best to know the demographic of the show before hand but nothing is guaranteed. I’ve learned how to engage my audiences and control the stage. A lot of that comes from growing up playing in church. You have to be ready for anything. Ultimately I want everybody to leave my show with a life changing Entertainment “Experience”.

How did you end up with such a richly layered single in “Royal Blue?”
The single is consistent with the theme of my forthcoming album, “The Coronation”. A lot of the songs have regal themes but still talk about relatable ‘real life’ situations that we all go through. Also, because I have a growing international fan base, I wanted “Royal Blue” to have a worldwide appeal. It’s eclectic and soulful but also up-beat and high energy. Most importantly, it’s still me.

With the elements heard in “Royal Blue,” did that factor sonically into the new project?
Yes and no. The theme is definitely consistent. Musically, the new project will have a variety of inspirations. Most importantly I’m striving to make great songs and a classic album that people will love and listen to for years to come.

What do you want the next few years of your career to look like?
Definitely I plan to tour abroad. It’s been a while since I’ve released new original material but now that I’m back my goal is to keep putting out quality music for as long as I can. I also want to write and produce for other artists, TV, Film, and commercials. Who knows, I might even try my hand at acting.