New Artist Striving to Build on her Debut Single

by Nick Christophers

Coming from humble beginnings Gaviana Jean always valued the simple things in life and never took anything for granted. This is evident in her work ethic and ability to relate to others. Even though she was raised in New York her families Haitian background has played a role in her character. Their strict rules and strong family values is a testament to her treatment of others.

All of these elements have come out in her music. Her mother has played an influence since she sings Haitian at home. Besides her mother’s love of music the many churches she attends, music is always apart of the service. But her true inspiration came while watching a TV program at nine years old. The program was the Cheetah Girls, on the Disney Channel. After watching these young girls work their magic she thought to herself, “Hey, I can and will do that.”

At that time I knew what I wanted. I did not know if I could sing or not but I knew I wanted to. My biggest inspirations is Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys.

Gaviana has lived up to her promise and has recently dropped her first single “Dedicate This To You” in April of 2015. The song has a deep meaning as it delves into her positive and yet negative life experiences. Her single is on iTunes and is slowly building steam (

The song speaks about how people have affected her in a demeaning manner. Yet the song is a shout out to these negative people because as the saying goes, “what hurts you makes you stronger in the long run.”

She has performed at many local events in her hometown Valley Stream. She is a regular at the popular “Sip This Cafe” and performed at the Valley Stream Community Festival in 2014 in front of hundreds of residents. Gaviana also took part in a concert for Star Potential a local recording studio for up and coming artists. She also took part in open mic’s at Manhattan venues.

Her main goal is to promote herself as much as possible and perform at as many events as she can. Currently she is feverishly working on her next single due out soon. To keep up with this talented artist visit her on social media: