Digging in the Crates: VNYL wants to feed your album tastes

If you are old enough to remember the Columbia House Record and Tape Club, you know the joy of having vinyl arrive at your front door. This startup might be for you. VNYL is a new subscription service, like Netflix, that wants to deliver vinyl straight to your home.

Here’s how it works: VNYL will send you three records every month based on hashtags you select from a list. Under the name “#Vibes,” examples of themes include #gamenight, #danceparty, #cooking and more. They curate a stack of wax to send you, which you can listen to and return in a prepaid envelope, or keep if you like and pay around $12 per album. Listeners can also post their opinions on music so others can read their reviews.

The company’s founders had a Kickstarter campaign which recently closed. To date, they have raised more than $30,000 with nearly 650 backers, well over the initial call for $10,000. They say the first records will ship in February.

According to the AV Club, Vinyl Me Please “has used a similar model, sending a limited version of a record accompanied by a cocktail recipe, to great success.” This could be interesting, especially given the ongoing rise in popularity of vinyl.