Warm Weather Wine

Rosé is often a forgotten wine, but for much of Europe, it’s the official wine of the warmer months. Rich in history and refreshing in taste, consider the blush-hued bottles the perfect complement to your summer barbecues and alfresco dinners. In ancient times, winemaking was very different than it is today. Grapes were crushed by traditional methods (i.e. stomping) and lacked the technology of pressing that produces the clean tones of modern wines. The result, back in those days, were wines that resembled today’s rosés. In the medieval periods, rosé was highly revered because the dark red wines were found to be too harsh and bitter. Obviously lighter than their typical red counterparts, rosés are meant to be enjoyed younger. And since you’re not having to look decades back for a good vintage, the bottle price is much lighter on your wallet. So drop a few tens, heat up the grill or pack your picnic and don’t be timid in uncorking some pink wine. Here are a few choices from some of my favorite wine regions to get you started.

Casa do Valle 2012 Rose Vinho Verde (Portugal)
Light and crisp, with a sweet finish. Great complemented with a burger or brat.

Goldeneye 2013 Vin Gris of Pinot Noir (California)
A fragrant, bright and bone-dry rosé that’s a perfect pairing to seafood or salads.

Cleto Chiarli e Figli Vecchia Modena (Italy)
A lively effervescent Lambrusco, this is dry and floral—perfect for pizzas.

Las Rocas de San Alejandro Rose 2013 (Spain)
Herbal notes and very drinkable. Great with grilled meats and vegetables.