The Best Ways To Keep Eating Healthy While Traveling

So you’re eating clean, working out and living a good healthy lifestyle and then… you book a holiday. Is it all going to fall apart now? It doesn’t have to! Eating healthy while traveling can be challenging but it’s not impossible.

Pack It In

If you’re traveling within the country, you have the fabulous advantage of bringing food with you. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, bus or boat, you will easily be able to bring along some healthy food in your carry on.

If you’re traveling through an airport, remember:

  • Airports are fussy about the amount of liquid you bring.
  • Your food should be properly packed or wrapped for it to be allowed on board.

Stuck for ideas on what to pack for your trip? Here are some of the favorites.

Nuts and dried fruit
These are a great snack option and perfect if you feel the need to munch on the flight. Almonds, cranberries, pistachios and raisins are always good picks.

Need something more substantial than nuts and fruit? Pack a sandwich for the trip. A peanut butter (don’t laugh, and NO, it’s not beneath you to eat one) sandwich, made of whole wheat or whole grain bread is a great protein rich option. If you prefer a meat sandwich, try a turkey breast sandwich with some mustard.

Protein bars are a great portable snack and can provide your body with a good amount of protein to keep you going. Just be sure to pick ones that are low in sugar, otherwise you will undo all the good you’re doing.

Stay Hydrated

As you probably already know, drinking enough water is an important aspect of a healthy diet. If you want to continue eating healthy while traveling, it’s really important that you stay hydrated, even more so if you’re on a long flight.

Not enough water can give you headaches and cramps and make you feel more tired. Additionally, sometimes when we’re thirsty we mistake it for hunger and tend to eat more. By drinking enough water, you will keep those hunger pangs at bay. Herbal teas are also a great way to keep your hydration levels up and can be helpful if you have motion sickness or an upset tummy.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

One of the most important rules of eating clean? Never ever ever skip breakfast. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, be sure to eat a big breakfast. Eating a good, nutritious breakfast will keep you fuller longer, making it less likely for you to crave junk as soon you leave the hotel for the day.

Smarter Eating

Eating smarter is easier in the comfort of your own home, even more so because you can cook all your own food. But when you don’t have the option to cook and have to buy your food, eating healthy seems a whole lot trickier. If you have limited options to choose from, you can still pick the healthier ones. Stuck in an airport with not many food to choose from? Here are my healthier choices.

  • The turkey or chicken sandwich (even if you don’t have the whole wheat option, it’s still a better option)
  • The chicken or turkey wrap with salad
  • Trail mix
  • Fruit
  • Salad (with no dressing or on the side so you can add in only as much as you need)

The greasy chips and the fried chicken burger look tempting but don’t give in. There is always a smarter option, just think long and hard before you buy it.

Eating Out

A big part of traveling is also eating out at restaurants. It’s not impossible to maintain a decent routine of smart eating choices even if you choose to eat out a lot while traveling.

  • Eating meat or fish? Fried is never a good option. Roasted, poached or grilled options are best. Steamed and baked meat or fish are much better long term options than fried too.
  • Veggies added on? Sauteed and fried veggies offer less nutrition than steamed vegetables.
  • Add chips for $1? It’s always tempting to add some potato goodness to your meal but if you must, pick the baked potato over the chips for a smarter choice.
  • Sticking to a salad? Be sure to ask for dressing on the side. Very often dressings with mayonnaise or sour cream tend to make even a healthy salad option a not-so-smart option.
  • Drink with dinner? Sure. Just limit the amount of alcohol you consume if you really want to keep an eye on your smart eating while traveling.

Study the menu well and pick foods on the menu that are leaner options such as salmon or chicken breast and offer nutrition with the vegetable and protein content. This will help you keep eating healthy even while you’re traveling and not force you to break the diet.