Could Rick Ross be a Pro-NFL Player?

The tough guy rapper talks about his time in pads and what lessons he still remembers from his high school football coach

The thought of Rick Ross, in a football helmet and pads, charging straight at you would make any man run for the hills.

Presumably that’s why several NFL players told Fuse that the Maybach Music head would be an ideal football player in Super Bowl XLVIII. But despite the fact that Ross has years of football experience, jumping into the game today is another story.

“I won’t even do it,” the Bawse told Fuse’s Esteban Serrano, when the two sat down as part of Fuse Music Week: Super Bowl Blvd. “I’ll have the cards and I’ll do the coaching. I played football, of course, when I was younger. But now I just want to enjoy it and watch the professionals be professional.”

The Florida rapper and music exec said he learned a lot as a football player, and holds the game in high regard.

“It’s most definitely something that played a major part in me coming up,” Ross says. “I had one of those coaches that, if you fell down, he would run out there and ask you, ‘Are you hurt or are you injured?’ There’s a difference.”

Ross was highly recruited at Carol City High School, one of the nation’s top schools for turning out future NFL players, and ended up at Albany State University on a football scholarship.

One of his coaches gave him a piece of advice that Ross still applies to this day:

“You have to outwork the competition. Those are the same rules I apply with the game I’m in now.”