Woman frowning at man trying to kiss her

40 Most Ridiculous Dealbreakers We’ve Ever Heard

Here are the 40 most ridiculous dealbreakers we’ve ever heard. See how yours match up.

As much as we try stay open-minded about the people we date, sometimes there’s something about a person that just rubs us the wrong way and we can’t say why. Maybe it’s shallow, but there it is and for whatever reason — it’s a dealbreaker.

Here are the 40 most ridiculous dealbreakers we’ve ever heard. See how yours match up.

1. “He lives alone….with his cat.”

2. “He’s black but doesn’t listen to hip hop/rap music.”

3. “He wears socks to bed.”

4. “She frequently quotes ‘Sex and the City.’”

5. “She doesn’t drink.”

6. “He’s a vegetarian.”

7. “She refers to her breasts as ‘the girls.’”

8. “He is under 6 ft.”

9. “He has a Twitter/Instagram/Facebook account.”

10. “He has small hands.”

11. “She only drinks bottled water.”

12. “She still uses disposable cameras.”

13. “He’s 31 and he wears the same hoodie everyday.”

14. “She refers to her pets as ‘her kids,’ and to herself as ‘Mom’.”

15. “He wears those short sports socks year round, with every outfit.”

16. “She’s never seen Love Jones.”

17. “He lives in an uncool neighborhood.”

18. “She likes small dogs.”

19. “He doesn’t own more than one towel.”

20. “He doesn’t own an iPhone.”

21. “She has a yahoo email address.”

22. “She was on a daytime talk show (Maury, Jerry, etc). Can’t un-see it.”

23. “He has an umbrella with him. All the time.”

24. “Her parents are divorced.”

25. “She’s really bad at math.”

26. “He only drinks really girly coffee drinks.”

27. “She wears wedge heels.”

28. “He uses military time when we make plans.”

29. “Her go-to karaoke song is ‘Not Gon’ Cry,’ by Mary J. Blige.”

30. “He makes video game jokes.”

31. “She doesn’t laugh at video game jokes.”

32. “He insists on the lights off during sex.”

33. “She has a grossly messy room.”

34. “His beard is too long.”

35. “She talks to her mom on the phone everyday.”

36. “He doesn’t like ice cream. He’s not lactose intolerant or anything — he just doesn’t like it.”

37. “She can’t leave the house without putting on makeup.”

38. “He has never been outside the U.S.”

39. “She’s always going to uppity events with x______ (insert opposite race of YOU).”

40. “He has a regular job.”