Beauty to Behold: Marissa Jade

by Nick Christophers

Marissa Jade is a beauty to behold a gift she knew she had early in life. The first time she ever attempted to work in the industry was at seventeen years old. She put her studies on hold and took on the model world head on. Even though she was unaware of where to begin she never let that stop her. Marissa admitted that if it wasn’t for the encouragement of friends and family she probably would have abandoned the idea.

Marissa took her first steps in the modeling field when she modeled shoes for Nine West. The year of 2009 was a busy year for Marissa as she began working the modeling circuit. She began doing model gigs for Carlos Santana, Eccoci, Anthem Denim, Hidden Treasures Magazine and Me Too. Besides that she also was a featured actress in a Queen Latifah ft. Missy video.

She did not stop there. From 2010 to 2011 she was moving into a different level of modeling. Marissa began doing work for such major companies like Ralph Lauren, Tahari, Steve Madden ’11, Baby Phat, XoXo, The Source Mag, VX Intimate ’12 and Maxim. Maxim being one of her bigger accomplishments has proved to be a key stepping stone.

“Modeling is more my passion because I am the pretty yet silent type. I let my eyes; smile and body language do the talking. But to be where I want to be in life, becoming an actress would be the way to go. I’m more comfortable in myself these days as far as acting. I am getting into character more and I am not afraid to look stupid anymore. (Even if I do, I can laugh at myself).”

Marissa is a rare combination of Chinese and Italian. Her exotic cultural blend has been a benefit to her work. She has used her ethnic looks to capture her audience whether it be modeling or in film. When it comes to film work she has been featured in many different projects. Two of her key accomplishments are working on major films like “Spiderman 2”, “Elf” and “School Of Rock”. Even though she did not have a scripted role her addition to the projects was an indication that her talents are in demand.

Besides film she also made some appearances on TV on some popular shows. She was featured on two long lasting shows one of them more than once. The first one was the “Good Wife” the second one was Law & Order. On Law & Order alone she appeared on five different episodes. Another show where she managed to work her magic at least four separate times was the show “Ed”.

In addition to the major TV programs she also appeared on public access shows like the Vinny Vella show and the Nate Berkus show. Yet one of the most interesting shows she took part in was on MTV. The program was on sex education and Marissa made it an interesting show to say the least. Her most recent credits on TV have been on the set of “Jerseyliscious” and “Royal Pains”.

“I find the hours you work to be quite tedious but the experience in itself is amazing. You get to interact with the cast and crew. You meet amazingly talented and gifted people in the film industry. You learn how to act, both in a professional manner and from the actors. It’s quite a different world. I feel comfortable in it, I love it.”

Marissa not being a stranger to TV also took on many commercial spots. She has worked with such companies like Head & Shoulders, AT & T, Kyoseki, Jimmy’s Fine Jewelry, Reagan Auto Dealer and others. As her resume was growing she did have one key disappointment that still stings. She was up for the casting on Tyra Banks Top Model Season 13 she did not make it yet was called back again. It was a flip flop situation that did not sit right with her. Marissa made it clear that she felt very upset and disappointed. She explained that the show does not depict models who really want to be in the business. But the show is based on shock value and entertainment value, than true talent. The real stinger is that Season 13 was based on petite models, which Marissa obviously is.
She has not let that keep her from forging ahead. She recently was the lead on a music video for Kevin Michaels “One Love” featuring Wyclef. Besides that development she has put out her own calendar ( and a comic book.

“Yes the name of my comic book is, “Destiny Queen of Thieves”. Destiny is a master thief who lives the Donald Trump lifestyle by setting up other thieves who come to NY to steal or launder their large scores and quietly steals the underlying millions that no one is paying attention to.”

Marissa is always discovering different ways to improve her career as a model and actress. In addition to the comic book she is also shopping her own novel. She also has developed a website that features clothing, shoes, and accessories for kid’s infant to 5T. The site can be found at The born beauty is one to keep your eyes peeled on anything is possible!