Hustleholic: Zeralyn Ford

She’s brash. She speaks what’s on her mind. She’s bold. But beneath the surface, Zeralyn Ford understands the business game, and has made the transition from exotic dancer to media personality just as easy as she’s been able to garner much hype throughout social media (and eventually late night Television). We got a chance to catch up with multi-hyphenate and learn more about the talk of the lone star state.

Avenue 1: How did you end up in Dallas?
I was living in Houston and caught my ex cheating. So, I packed up my apt and got on a plane and flew to Dallas…I found an apartment and started working…Then from there that is where I am….

Explain your transition from exotic dancer to a radio personality/blogger/merchandiser and the differences.
I still consider myself and adult entertainer, although I don’t generate my income from that mainly…I would still feature or even dance if I needed to… I try to say I quit, but people still refer to me as a stripper so I just embrace the term at this point. I started doing the radio after my blog received major attention from a blog I did about rappers and athletes who would come in the strip club and not tip. From there, I’ve been asked to come into k104fm morning show in Dallas on various occasions to give my insight. I started doing the social media marketing on a fluke… People always asked me to tweet things since I have a large twitter following. So, i decided to charge to tweet these events..I also have worked with artists, models, small businesses, jewelery, clothing designers, and all types of people who promote things in the city. I definitely enjoy interacting with people who enjoy my writing style and perspective, so I enjoy the social media aspect much more than dancing…Only thing I hate is not being able to get the work out in LOL

What do you think of the phrase “Fake it till you make it”?
I think depending on your industry, it makes sense. I think rappers, for example, should create a bigger image due to the fact that rap or music in general is a form of story telling. So, it doesn’t have to be a truth it just has to sound good. Now, regular people they should just be true to themselves. There is no need to create smoke and mirrors for no purpose other than making people think you are something you are not. As long as you are happy with you, who cares what other people think..Whats understood, needs no explanation.

What is your fondest memory from childhood that applies to your daily routine today?
When I was a young girl my mother taught me the value of knowing the worse thing someone can tell you is no. So everyday I make sure I ask questions, and do things that make better. Because, even if one person says no, it doesn’t mean they all will. So with that knowledge it pushes me to keep trying.

Lets say a club encounter with you leads to a first date. What should a man know in advance that won’t piss you off?
I generally hate liars, I feel like not everyone should be an open book and tell people all their business. Specially when first meeting them. But if its something that really matters, I would want them just to be honest and allow me the ability to make the decision on whether or not I want to accept what they are saying. If someone does that, I’m great!

What makes Zeralyn tick?
Obviously there’s a overwhelming negative perception that is associated with the “blogger” term among the urban community, and it’s rightfully so, as the organizational structure of the journalism has taken a major hit over the years. How important is it to you that the general public do not view you as a gossip blogger despite the digital magazine format of your website?

Do you think it’s important that female TV/radio personalities have to look attractive?
I think they should at least be cute, at some point they do have to go in public…people like attractive people generally…

What’s something weird that you eat?
I love menudo, that’s a soup with cow tongue, tripe (cow intestines) sometimes all parts of a pig ….I know bad for me.

Is there anything on the way that will surprise people?
Yes, I’m having Bill Gates baby….ummm just stay tuned…I’m sure I don’t surprise people at this point.

For male personalities, you always hear about how their girlfriends worry about groupies and stuff. As a woman, how do you handle male and female groupies?
I do them, make it easier on everyone LOL

What’s it like having groupies from a female perspective? Because a guy will still try to be normal, to an extent.
If I get some groupies, ill let you know..I mean if you are talking like fan groupies, its a good thing. People want to know their gift is being liked…