Get It Right In Time for Your Flight

Not sure if you’ve noticed the new destinations we posted this week, but our travel calendar is full! Morocco in March, Panama in October, and Dubai a year from now.

Travel is one of life’s most enriching experiences, and preparing for the big trip is no easy feat. With careful planning you can have all your paperwork, passport, outfits and shoes packed in just a couple days. But the one thing you can’t prepare as fast—but you’ll likely want to bring with you—is a healthy physique.

So often I hear women ask: “I’m going on vacation in [insert short time frame here]. How can I lose weight fast?” Now I don’t blame anyone for wanting to look their best on vacation. In fact, having a deadline in the form of a trip is a great incentive to eat better and exercise consistently. The problem is—body transformations don’t happen “fast.”

Losing one pound a week is a healthy and safe rate for weight loss—don’t let the “fit in your jeans by Friday” infomercial convince you otherwise. Incremental changes to your diet (consuming less, or smarter) and to your workouts (increasing frequency, intensity, or length) will help you be in better shape, aesthetically and physiologically, for your trip; key word being incremental.

Planning at least 8-10 weeks out from your trip is ideally when you should adjust your habits to achieve your weight loss goals. So how will you get your body ready for your next trip?

Not sure where to start? Consult a fitness professional, like myself, who will design a fitness program unique to your body and goals, and help you transform your body in time for your vacation flight!