The fifth & final installment of "Date Debate: The 5".

Here we go with another tricky topic, PORN, and for those who don’t know the World Wide Web is full of the stuff. Just check out the fact that on or you can find amateurs, novice and professionals posting from all kinds of sites. No longer do you need to discreetly covet DVD’s purchased in your local sex shop, or those rented from the corner video store, just google free porn (and you won’t even have to do that, I will list a BUNCH for you) and you will be bombarded with the best and worse of ass, tits, faked orgasms and dicks.

I side with the women who doesn’t quite get porn or understand its purpose (though I write erotica), unlike men, women aren’t as visual and the field isn’t yet designed for us. I don’t understand why most videos or clips must end with a woman taking a cum shot to the face. But I started watching originally for personal reasons (to hone up on skill with reason), then later professional reasons (History behind porn) and in-between there have been the moments of havign nothing better to do and the lets see what people are into modes. Honestly porn for those who desire to know more but are timid or shy is GREAT! Where else can you see fisting, midgets, feet fetishes, bondage and shemales (and that’s the mild mannered Louis Lane shit!) all from the comfort of your own home?

Before you judge porn, recognize it has a great history, view my post on Vintage porn ( Porn isn’t an immoral display of loose women or men with giant cocks (by the way I dislike that word cocks and moist). Porn has been around since cameras were invented, motion and stills. So know I would never suggest one watch porn as a realistic adaptation of “what sex is” simple because its exaggerated and done for the camera. Though I feel porn has a place in sex and sexuality as all things do, porn gives one an insight into a world of acts, and positions and visual skills you may not be familiar with prior to actual experience. Porn allows you a level of acceptance and comfort on a personal level prior to being with a partner. Hence why having access to Internet porn may be of more comfort to some than renting or purchasing. I was advised by an older female friend to watch porn to see how certain sexual performances were done, and with a knowledge of sex you can often tell what’s done well and what’s not enjoyable or faked.