Date Debate: Cuddling (Pt.3)

The Third Part of "The 5" goes into the great affectionate debate...

I find myself to be honest. When I want something I say what I want and honestly 85% of the time I (JUST) want to cuddle. If cuddling were a sport I’d be in training now to be on the USA Olympic Cuddle Team, hell I’d probably win the Gold and retire from the shit a beast. But when I tell my man of the moment I want to cuddle he gets on that new shit that extreme cuddling that goes from something you can do completely clothed to standing bucket naked in front of me, WTF kind of cuddling is that sh!t.

Cuddling is about creating intimacy, it’s about being able to lie next to someone in silence and not have to disturb the peace with words, its non verbal communication at its best. Check it, have you ever laid next to your significant other while in active concentration, you were either reading, watching television, trying to go to sleep and they kept trying to engage in conversation a need to have your attention. You attempt to hush them, and soon their silence is replaced with touching. Soft pokes, tracings of their fingers to your neck, chest and lips. They play in your hair or mustache, anything to grab your attention and possess it as their own.

This is cuddling at its best, it’s a means of having ones attention in a nonverbal means, think of how much goes on in your own mind when you huddled close with someone. Think of how your mind plays tricks on you as you play guess where his hand is, or how far will she let me get my hand up her back. Is she or isn’t she wearing panties? Cuddling is the best stage in foreplay it allows you to draw and learn boundaries, likes and dislikes, ticklish spots, its semi explorative.

You learn which positions are most comfortable for the both of you based on your unique and individual design. Through cuddle you find the best ways two individuals can become united before a sexual union. Time spent cuddling allows you to use the quiet to read ones expressions, find what makes things enjoyable for them, take the communicating you have been doing and put it into play, watch them as they walk across the room, acknowledging what’s best about them those parts you most enjoy, for me it’s a mans back. It’s seems so strong and powerful (and I love to rub, and dig my nails into his back, lovingly of course). Cuddling is as close as you can get to sex with out attempting the act. It’s the ability to lie in bed beside someone and feeling him or her pull you close in the early morning hour, just to feel your warmth next to him or her.

Cuddling is about playing on the senses, sight- what you see, audio- what you hear, what you say, smell, touch, what you feel and how you touch and taste, your oral pleasure usually played out with foods. For me its most often sweets desserts, some its wine or fruit. The best aspect of cuddling for me is it’s all the aspects that can lead to a sexual moment but which remain intimate and positive in building the relationship to the next step. FOREPLAY! (<- I’d train for that too! We need the National Sexlympic…)