Get ready to slip off the summer styles and fall into autumn dress with these top 5 wardrobe essentials.

Your favorite scarf, that ultra-soft cashmere sweater and those boots you got on clearance last spring are all ready to come out of the closet for the fall season!

The fall fashion season is upon us and that usually brings to mind darker colors and warm fabrics to pair with the cooling weather. Some styles like knit sweaters are classics that continue to make a comeback, but there’s always some new fashion trend to check out as the leaves begin to turn.

Get ready to slip off the summer styles and fall into autumn dress with these top 5 wardrobe essentials.

Sweaters and Tops with a Twist

Don’t let the name “sweater” conjure up pictures of silly holiday prints of mistletoes and snowmen. The classic sweater is getting a makeover with artistic graphic prints that ditch the dorky holiday cross-stitch and go for artsy, edgier designs.

In a recent fall fashion review, Vogue pointed out that designers Christopher Kane and Jonathan Saunders loved pairing funky, knit sweaters with tailored skirts as they sent their models down the runway. The best part of this look is that you probably already have the right pieces in your closet to make this classy but cool style on your own.

Geometric patterns, floral designs, and plenty of artsy graphic prints marched the runways this season, and they’re already in department stores. Look for them on sweaters, dresses, t-shirts, blouses, and plenty of other tops and accessories.

Military-Inspired Outerwear Making a Stand

If you haven’t heard already, the iconic military jacket is back on runways and in stores. Designers are taking the utilitarian style and updating it to today’s fashion with a more refined, tailored look.

If army or bomber jackets aren’t your style this season but you’re looking for a trendy new coat option, you can always turn to the trusty peacoat. This classic double-button outerwear is as functional as it is fashionable and can be worn buttoned-up for a professional look, or open for a flirty, casual style.

Although, fashion designers, like Joseph Altuzarra, have even combined the peacoat with military inspired embellishments. Models strutted the runway this season in peacoats accented with military-brass buttons. The Joseph Altuzarra peacoat features a sharp navy look with a fur collar.

Break out the Boots

What’s better than hearing the crunch of fall leaves under a pair of stylish new boots? Ankle boots are a staple of fall footwear and designers are constantly bringing out more tailored styles that make you wish boots were a year-round thing (and who says they can’t be?).

Boots can go with pretty much anything, from your favorite comfy jeans to a flirty knee-length skirt. Wearing boots as often as possible help give them that broken-in, seasoned look; so, start early to make sure your footwear is fashion-ready. InStyle magazine pointed out that the classic cowboy boot is a hot trend this year whether high- or low-rose, and edgier designs with studs or embroidery are the way to make your feet a focal point this season.

Give a pair of classic ankle boots a jazzy lift with some quirky socks peeking out the top. Whether you go for a funky print or an outlandish neon color, your socks can add a fun burst of color to your more toned-down fall items.

Suit Up for Fall

Cooler fall weather is perfect for breaking out the pantsuit. This year, skip the solid black and blue styles and go for a contrasting black-and-white duo. Try a tailored white jacket with a pair of tight-pleat black pants. Paired with a strappy pair of heels – because heels are in style no matter what the season – and you’ll have a sharp look that stands out among other jazzy patterns seen this fall.

The pantsuit also makes for a good canvas to mix in dark wine colors, which have been all over the runways as well. Wine colors like burgundy are adding a little more life to the otherwise toned-down fall hues. Based on Alexander Wang’s and Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2012 collections, it seems burgundy is certainly a prominent color of the season.

Give Your Makeup a Fall Makeover

It’s not just your clothing and accessories that feel the fall breeze rolling in this season. Make sure your makeup is matching your new fashion finds by focusing on deep reds for lipstick, smoky browns for your eyes, and warm gold accents for your cheeks.

Fall makeup colors tend toward the warm color palette with dark blacks, browns, and deep reds used to draw attention to the eyes and lips. To highlight facial features like your cheekbones, lighter warm colors like gold and bronze can give a glowing boost to your face.

Don’t neglect your nails this season, either. The gloves are off until the temperatures get really chilly! The top fashion magazines are all buzzing with the hottest nail trend – rebellious French manicures. Forget the iconic white polish, go bold with dark blacks and burgundies for the tips.

Final Thoughts for Fall

Be fearless in fall and keep away the winter blues – don’t be scared to mix up some funky, colorful prints with the typical dark, plain pieces already in your closet. Accent your outfit with trendy boots and some printed or brightly colored socks. Remember that a little burst of color during the fall color season can really draw attention!