Kimmi Cupcakes worked on catching criminals for a living as a Cop and emerged a established modeling talent long before embarking on a successful career in media as an on-air personality at Satellite caster Sirius XM Radio. In honor of our returning “Stepping Out” segment, she spoke to The Lifestyle Republic about women’s daily wardrobe staples and why every single day doesn’t have to follow the same mantra.

The Lifestyle Republic: What do you describe as your most comfortable outfit?
Kimmi: Most comfortable outfit would easily be shorts and a plain white Polo v-neck T-shirt. You can go with a cute pair of high sandals or sneakers – easy!

Go-to style inspiration?
I don’t have a particular style that I run with – it depends on my mood. But if I had to pick, I would say Rihanna. She looks cute with Jordans if she wants to keep it casual and when she is out to make a statement, her t*****s are out!

What’s your favorite item of clothing?
Would probably be my underwear. Nothing makes me feel sexier than wearing sexier lingerie and thigh highs.

Tell us your latest beauty discovery.
Latest beauty discovery… hmmm… would be… oh! Natura Bisse Diamond Mist. You can use it as a pre-treatment or you can use as a make-up seal, it gives you a nice dewy look. Just spray in the air and walk under, allowing it to kiss your face.

Your favorite trend for the Spring/Summer seasons?
I used to be so into black clothes, but my stylist Kevin introduced me to color! I live for blues, corals and green. I think I have the confidence to pull off any color!!!

You have to tell us your biggest fashion disaster.
Hmm, my biggest fashion disaster? So here’s the thing – I have a big chest so if I wear a flowy-type dress with no thin belt or something to kind of draw in my waist, I will easily look big. I recently went on vacation and I wore a romper without synching in my waist with a belt and looked crazy.

Favorite store?

The must-have fashion item for the Summer:
A dope pair of shades. I like to play around with different frames but I’m into large aviators and the standard large wayfarers.

Talk about the difference between dressing for nightlife vs dressing for social outing:
I’m fully aware that I am curvy so I try to pick an asset to accentuate. If I am wearing shorts to show off my killer Korean legs, then I am not showing my perky Panamanian chest! Nightlife attire is usually something short and tight but at the same time being aware of my rule. Social outings and semi-formal events are when I tend to get a little more conservative so nothing too short or tight but it really does depend on the outing.

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