The New Entrepreneur (Art of being a Side Chick)

Side-chick women: Learn to rewire or retire.

People wonder why infamous ‘side-chicks’ like x______ (insert random groupie here) and x_______ (insert any urban model here) don’t have any ambition during business hours. They point to their usual resume: shoes upon shoes from x______ (insert of-the-moment shoe designer), summer months of ‘beach flow’, as well as the highest clout of being able to walk into any nightclub and hangout in VIP (I say that with an incredible deal of sarcasm).

The typical side chick says money isn’t an issue and all she wants is “a chance to mingle,” which is reasonable. So why can’t typical side chicks just go get someone of their own to avoid “drama” that comes with being the second banana on the speed dial?

There’s an art to side chick activity. Those who have mastered it have found steady cash flow without the need for employment for years, “earning” thousands. A good side chick has to perform several roles. But most of all, she has to know and accept that for the foreseeable future she’s not the focal point of any man’s daily routine. “You don’t want girls who come around with a chip on their shoulder that they want to smother their miserable low-esteem lives onto you,” says Avenue 1’s Marc Billington. “It can impact their ability to put money in their pocket.”

That mental rewiring can be foreign and brutal. But successful side chicks do it. Sometimes, side chicks are a bridge to the potential new men (often the gigolo’s friend).

Of course, it’s not easy. Side chicks by nature (mostly minority women) are dominant personalities, and a man only has room for two: the freewheeling late-night chick and the puppet girl. But good side chicks learn to be systematically subservient. That trait is always in demand, which is why the good ones always find steady men, and eventually get a chance to move into main chick status via not messing up the man’s current ongoing relationship.

The average side chick knows she doesn’t have much to offer that appeals as a main chick (despite their assumption that sex keeps men). But some are over 35 years old and still attending NFL & NBA Drafts, as newbies into the money pot have come and gone.

The problem, of course, is that if she wants to knock the main chick out of the picture, she’s got to adopt that mentality permanently. That means not asking for as much money (which is VERY hard for most women in this position), but instead asking for a chance to earn her stripes … again, by not being aggressive.

I know; it’s not fair. And it sounds miserable. But hey, there’s always the option of just getting out of the side chick business altogether and establishing your all-own-everything (your own boyfriend, your own money, your own pull to get into nightclubs, etc). But then again, to the average woman in this mentality, that’s asking for way too much.

Like, you know, the amount that a main-chick does.

  • But you just a hater tho!

  • kchibrown

    I wish these trampy ass RHOA broads would disappear, they are very ugly inside and out. If they had acted this way in their project home before they married into there money they would have bren stoned or shot to death,this group of blonde bimbos had there 15 minutes of shame, now can we please send them back to the ghetto???

  • passionpen

    I think you have it wrong women don’t think of it as being the side chick but men label us as such so we have no choice of taking what is given to us. There is so many corny dudes in the world that why not share ‘him’ if him is worth staying happy. Nobody wants some corny dude who works a regular job and got problems paying his student loans or credit card bills off what’s he going to do for me, take me to Olive Garden?? **SMH**

  • Chuck Holliday

    So what ya are saying is that despite the shows like Basketball Wives, The Game, RHOA, and the like, women of color have NO intentions of being a side chick and want true love with a hard working 9-5'er?

    Yankee Stadium is right in the Bronx, plenty of seats, and ya know what to do.

  • Detroit What!!!!!

    This is written by a lowlife who fucks with 7 foot WNBA players LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL white women are groupies too Kim Kardashian goes after ballers like everybody else somebody gotta keep there bills paid GEAH!!

  • Chuck Holliday

    hey, regardless of race, sidechicks are sidechicks, it's not a fluke. Kim K actually has HER OWN $ whether my race wants to accept it or not, and mentioning the Ray J thing is stupid because that was EONS ago.