National Orgasm Day

July 31st

National Orgasm Day

To the screamers, moaner, heavy breathers, silent climaxers… I salute you. To the vaginal, anal and penial orgasms I applaud you, and why do I do all this? Why do I shout out the orgasm and those who chase them like a crack high, because even if we can’t achieve them regularly or even at all, we are designed for the illustrious orgasm. From the curve of our bodies to the design of our needs, our minds and bodies all enable use to achieve glorious sexual pleasure through, a mental or physical release that can curl our toes, cause spasms or vocal outbursts, and for the lucky all of the above and then some.
But why is any of this of any importance, other than the great sensations of bliss, which are caused? Because like that of our neighbors the Europeans we have elected to celebrate the earth shattering pleasure of the orgasm with a National Day. Though from what I have seen, when it’s celebrated whither it is this coming July 31, or past May 6, I am unsure.
But if you are as bewildered as I to A. The fact there is even such a thing as Nat’l Orgasm Day or 2. When it even is. Make peace with yourself and those around you and just celebrate it as I do everyday. There are as I’ve heard local event held in honor of this National Day. Jerk Fest Galore…

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