5 Categories Women put Men In

I see a trend in trying to educate and empower woman, in handling relationships. I feel this will only work if men have the same tools, and they also put the time in to build relationships. Also understand woman have far more categories for men such as; the mama’s boy, the player, the wimp, the lazy ass, we could go on and on, but that’s not the point of this, a lot of great guys are wondering some of the same things women are, and they are looking to be married and have children and hopefully this helps them?

We can only truly be together, if we learn to work together, to build a better union.


  • kevin

    fuck you and your categories, and all women want, ya'll are the most confused unstable creatures on this earth….when women want to be sluts, we ride with them until that one day when we mention for them to be a slut then they go off….when u try to help them improve and progress or even drink more water and jog around the track then we are being contrlling, so fuck all the women columns especially by women becuase ya'll dont know what yall want…..

  • A person who finally figures that out. Just now their changing their mind again